The Time There-After 2014

The Time There-After
30 years of hiv and aids
in The Netherlands

Erwin Kokkelkoren followed and interviewed 30 people with HIV and AIDS, all living in the Netherlands.
Erik Smits portrayed the 30 men and women in their own domains.
Smits’s photography, together with quotations from Kokkelkoren’s stories, gives a unique picture of the human history of 30 years of HIV and AIDS in the Netherlands.
The dates with the portraits refer to the year when these people were confronted with their HIV or AIDS diagnoses.
Only 1982 is missing, the year of the first AIDS diagnosis… There are no survivors from this year.

In April 2012, all the stories and pictures appeared in the book “The Time There-After.”
Sadly, two men are no longer with us. Harrie (1992) and Nico (1999) have passed away since then.

1982-2011, The Netherlands


"Tell it to nobody"

The documentary

Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

De Refter,
City Hall Haarlem

The Exhibitions

Book presentation at De Balie Amsterdam

Book presentation

Première documentary at EYE Amsterdam

Première documentary